Top 10 Facebook Pages

10. FiddleheadsFiddleheads of Colebrook NH

Fiddleheads, on the Main Street of Colebrook NH operates a frequently update Facebook page. Showcasing their new arrivals along with signature gifts and trinkets, Fiddleheads has 452 fans and numerous reviews.


9. North Country Chamber of Commerce North Country Chamber of Commerce

The North Country Chamber of Commerce promotes the towns of the Connecticut Lakes Region and surrounding area. The Chamber has more than 900 fans and updates it members and followers regularly. The Chamber also promotes the Region and provides educational services.


8. Ride The Wilds Ride the Wilds ATV Trails

With nearly 4300 followers, the Ride the Wilds Facebook page stays in touch with ATV enthusiasts year round. 1,000+ miles of interconnected ATV trails; a Coalition of Not For Profit Organizations having a common interest in improving the economic viability of Coos County through OHRV activities.



7. Treat and Treasures 

Treats and Treasures in Pittsburg NH is a “treat” to follow on Facebook! With 3885 fans and a 4.9 star review, everyone just loves Treats and Treasures! Webcam shots, pictures and videos, the Treats and Treasures FB page serves up info on the area daily.



6. Town of Pittsburg 

Daily photos, shares and video, the Town of Pittsburg keeps its residents up-to-date with town information. As a beloved vacation destination, it uses social media to stay in touch with the numerous Pittsburg lovers. The page has 57 reviews and more than 2700 fans.



5. The Colebrook Chronicle Colebrook Chronicle

The Colebrook Chronicle has nearly 2600 fans – a huge number considering the town has 2300 residents! The Chronicle fills it’s page with current news, images and video of the Connecticut Lakes Region and surrounding areas.



4. The Balsams 

The Balsams Facebook page is a great way to connect with the rebuilding of this Grand Resort Hotel in the Connecticut Lakes Region. With 8310 fans and 287 reviews, the page has one of the area’s largest fan following.



3. Cabins at Lopstick 

Our number 3 pick is the Cabins at Lopstick. With daily images, videos and shares, the Cabins at Lopstick keeps their 21,000 fans updated and entertained. The Cabins at Lopstick Facebook has the largest fan following in northern New Hampshire.




2. Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club Pittsburg Ridge Runners

The Pittsburg Ridge Runners maintain a ‘group’ Facebook page. This interactive page keeps snowmobile enthusiasts up-to-date on current trail conditions with posts, images and video. It serves it’s 3270 members well!



1. My Pittsburg Paradise 365, 24/7 

Our top pick for the best Facebook page in the Connecticut Lakes Region is My Pittsburg Paradise 365, 24/7. Michelle Hawes posts multiple images and videos daily. If you want to know what the weather is like or how the snowmobile trails are, you need not look any further than My Pittsburg Paradise 365, 24/7. All of  her 3234 followers feel like they know her, her home and the two and four legged critters who appear in her yard. She videos driving down the road, when stopped at a beautiful vista and from the atv or snowmobile trail. If you are not currently a follower, click “Like” on the My Pittsburg Paradise 365, 24/7 page today!