Tips For Photographing Moose

In Moose Alley – Pittsburg NH

Wes Lavin is an amazing photographer. He shares his work with this website and several others in the Pittsburg area. Today he shares his best tips for photographing moose in Pittsburg’s Moose Alley.

  • Start early. To have the most photo opportunities, be at Moose Alley by 5 am. The morning offers better light than dusk.
    Moose Photography in NH

    Use a telephoto lens to keep plenty of distance from the moose

  • Go midweek. There are far fewer people and cars to frighten moose during the week.
  • Use zoom or a telephoto lens to stay far away from the moose.
  • Be alert for vehicles behind you.  Pull over and let people by, the locals really appreciate this.
  • Don’t bring your dog along. Barking dogs scare moose.
  • Turn the radio off.
  • Don’t block the view of other people that are there.
  • Be respectful of other photographers.
  • There are warning signs that the moose is upset with your presence.  Snorting, grunting, and ears back are warning signs the moose is not happy.
  • There isn’t such a thing of a must have photo.
  • Be quiet.
  • Pull completely off the road and turn your car off.

Before getting to Moose Alley:

  • Have your camera at your side and ready
  • Check your camera’s settings.
  • Made sure the lenses are clean.
  • The battery is fully charged.
  • Have extra batteries.

Moose Alley offers some of the best moose photography opportunities in New England. Be respectful of the moose, other photographers, and motorists. See you in Moose Alley!