Moose Watching in NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region

Moose Alley Moose WatchingMoose Alley Straight Ahead Moose Watching

Moose watching on summer evenings in the Connecticut Lakes Region is a favorite family outdoor activity! Moose inhabit the Connecticut Lakes Region. These large woodland creatures are commonly seen along Moose Alley in Pittsburg, in Errol NH along the Androscoggin waterway and in nearby Norton VT. Of course, moose can be anywhere.

Moose can be found near wet areas such as roadside muck puddles, shallow, weedy ponds such as East Inlet and Moose Pond and and marshy inlets to the lakes. Feeding on aquatic plants, leafy greens and tree buds, moose prefer cool, wet spots. “Moose Alley” is a stretch of US Route 3 that lies just north of First Connecticut Lake and immediately south of Third Connecticut Lake. In this eight mile section of the road, moose often drink from roadside puddles that feature winter salt remains. Like all creatures on this planet, salt is an essential nutrient. Spring rains wash the highway clear of salt that settles into roadside puddles which moose enjoy.

Moose in Pittsburg NH Moose WatchingMoose babies are born in June and by late June can be seen frequenting roadside puddles on early summer evenings with their mothers. Bull moose are not seen as frequently until the mating season in the Fall. Sporting a season’s worth of antler growth, bull moose compete for the affections of the lady moose. Unpredictable in their autumn patterns, moose can be seen unexpectedly everywhere in the Connecticut Lakes Region. For photographers, mid to late September can a wonderful time to visit and snap great photos of bull moose.

Moose are unpredictable animals. Caution near moose is important. Mothers with babies can be very protective. Angry moose are known to charge. While moose watching in Moose Alley, do not approach moose.

Annual Moose Festival

Every year, on the weekend before Labor Day in August, we celebrate the moose! For more than two decades, the North Country Chamber of Commerce sponsors moose-activities in the towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Colebrook and Errol, New Hampshire and Canaan, Vermont. Moose calling contests, auto show and car parade, moose cruises and festivities occur over a three day period. Moose hats and clothing and worn by moose lovers, young and old. The Moose Festival draws moose lovers from all over New England and beyond. Local restaurants compete for the top prize in the Moose Stew Cook-Off. Join us this summer for the annual North Country Chamber of Commerce’s Moose Festival!

Moose Hunting

NH has a moose hunt every fall. The lottery system hunt controls the moose harvest. A lottery entrants must choose desired zones. A zone will be designated when the entrant is chosen. The Connecticut Lakes are in zones A and B. The hunt is generally held in mid October. The timing is after the rut which occurs in September. Lucky lottery winners are notified in late June. Mandatory moose hunting classes take place in New Hampshire’s capital of Concord. The number of permits vary each year and are determined by the herd count. New Hampshire Fish and Game control the NH hunt.