Moose Watching

Moose Alley in Pittsburg, NH

It is a favorite summer past time in the north country; moose watching. Each night just before dark, folks drive north of First Lake in hopes of seeing our most famous residents. ‘Moose Alley’ as it is called, is the area your chances are very high to be able to view moose just before dusk and early mornings.

When is the best time to see moose in Moose Alley? Moose are spotted best from early May until mid October. Moose sightings can occur at any time of the year. In the winter, moose are often seen along the snowmobile trails in the higher terrain and not much along the roadside.Moose

Directions from the Cabins at Lopstick

Take a left onto US Rte 3 and travel north approximately 3 miles. You will go up a steep part of Rte 3. As you reach the top, this is the start of “Moose Alley”. Moose Alley continues on Rte 3 until the Second Connecticut Lake Dam. More moose viewing opportunities exist between Second Connecticut Lake and the border but certainly the most actively visited moose hang-outs are between Corkscrew Hill and Second Lake Dam.