Fishing in NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region

If you love to go fishing, you’ll love the Connecticut Lakes Region! The area features 4 deep water lakes, the chain of lakes known as the Connecticut Lakes. The Connecticut River connects the lakes and flows through the chain of lakes. Fishing on the Upper Connecticut River is some of the best trout and landlocked salmon fishing in the East. Outer ponds such as Boundary Pond, Moose Pond, Harris Pond, and others offer brook trout fishing.

First Connecticut Lake

First Lake is a deep cold water lake. Home to lake trout and landlocked salmon, First Lake is best fished by boat. Spanning 2800 acres with depths in excess of 160 feet, First Connecticut Lake is the largest of the Connecticut Lakes. Only 15% of its shoreline is developed so spending a day on First Lake is very pleasant with very little boat traffic with a pristine shoreline. Boat launches can be found near First Lake Dam, across from Stewart Young Road and at the end of Camp Otter Road. First Lake is the summer home of eight nesting pair of loons.

Second Connecticut Lake

Second Lake lies just a few miles north of First Connecticut Lake. There is nearly no development of this lake. Just over 60 feet deep at full lake level, this lake is home to landlocked salmon and lake trout. Best fished by boat or kayak, this lake does afford some wade fishing near the boat ramp just off US Rte 3 on Idylwilde Road. Home to a heron rookery, Second Connecticut Lake is regularly frequented by moose, deer, and fox. Loon for mated pairs of loons!

Third Connecticut Lake

Third Lake, the smallest of the Connecticut Lakes, lies just a mile south of the US / Canadian border in Pittsburg NH. Undeveloped and wild, Third Lake is more than 100 feet deep. Home to rainbow trout and lake trout, this bowl shaped lake at the very tip of New Hampshire can be fished by boat or by wading out a bit at the boat launch on US Rte 3. Third Lake is the first lake in the chain at the northernmost tip of NH.

 Lake Francis

Just north of the village of Pittsburg is the last lake in the chain, the man-made Lake Francis. The shoreline is partially developed. Home to landlocked salmon, lake trout, and brown trout, Lake Francis reaches depths up to 80 feet. Boat launches can be found along US Rte 3 and on River Road.  Lake Francis is a popular lake for ice fishing in the winter.

The Connecticut RiverFly Fishing the Connecticut Lakes Region

The Upper Connecticut River connects the chain of lakes. Home to brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, landlocked salmon and chubs, the river is one of the most productive rivers for fishing in the NorthEast. Two sections of the river are reserved for fly fishing only while the major of the river is open to spin fishing, bait fishing and fly fishing.

Ponds to Fish