Winter in NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region

Winter Snowmobiling

Winter comes early to the New Hampshire’s North Country. Snow blankets the mountains and ice covers the lake by mid to late December. The Region receives 140 to 180 Winter snowmobiling in the Connecticut Lakes Region Pittsburg NHinches of snow annually makes the Connecticut Lakes Region a winter paradise. The towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Colebrook and Errol have snowmobile clubs which groom the miles and miles of snowmobile trails which interconnect throughout the region and into neighboring Canada, Maine and Vermont. All area lodges, restaurants and service businesses are located on the trail. Just arrive for a winter snowmobile vacation at a cozy cabin then get on your snowmobile and Go!

In NH it is mandatory snowmobiles be registered. Snowmobile club membership is also mandatory. Registrations and snowmobile club memberships can be purchased and local businesses. NH Fish and Game manages registration.

Local clubs maintain the miles of trails which traverse the forest. Trails connect to neighboring town, states and Canada. It is not uncommon for serious rider to log more than 200 miles in a day. Pittsburg NH has the largest snowmobile club, the Pittsburg Ridge Runners. They maintain 220+ miles of trail. Grooming at night, trails are ready for riding each day. The Pittsburg Ridge Runners post current trail conditions on their website,

Snowmobile Rentals

Winter Snowmobile Sign in Pittsburg NHNo snowmobile? No worries! There are several local snowmobile rental businesses in Pittsburg and Stewartstown. Snowmobile rentals include registration. Many rental companies provide snowmobile helmets, area maps and instruction if needed. Or hire a tour guide! Spend the day on the best snowmobile trails the area has to offer by hiring a seasoned guide. Inquire at your favorite lodging establishment. Often the lodge can arrange for rentals and guides service.


Snowshoe the Cohos Trail is the winter! Visitors love the Cohos Trail system in both winter and summer. Snowshoe into the Falls in the River or snowshoe along the river to catch a glimpse of deer in their winter yards or snowshoe into the Fourth Connecticut Lake – an uphill, frosty climb!

Cross Country Skiing

Wilderness cross country skiing enthusiasts love the Connecticut Lakes. Make your own path on some of the area’s un-plowed logging roads. Ski across the frozen lakes or ski on lesser used, groomed snowmobile trails.

Winter Fun

  • Snowmobiling
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Poker Runs
  • Ice Fishing
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Deer Watchingl
  • Sledding

Winter Tips

Bring warm winter gear. Temps can range from 35 above to 35 below zero!

Deer frequent the river valleys in late afternoon. They are drawn to the open water. For best deer viewing try River Road in Pittsburg and the Old Canaan Road in Clarksville NH.

Snowmobile trails have a speed limit of 45 miles per hours.

A pass is needed for travel by snow machine in Canada

Maine registration is needed for travel into Maine. These can be purchased locally at Treats and Treasures Gift Shop.

Snowshoe along the river in areas of open water for best chances of seeing whitetail deer.