Spring in New Hampshire’s Connecticut Lakes Region

Spring Fishing and Fun

Spring comes a little later to the Connecticut Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Located above the 45th Parallel, ice leaves the larger lakes late April to mid May. Shortly after ice-out, fishing for Landlocked Salmon and Trout begins! The Connecticut Lakes have two runs of salmon, one if the spring when bait fish spawn and a run in the fall when the salmon spawn. Water temperatures that range from 45-50 degrees and a strong flow of water in the river, trigger the salmon run. Fish for salmon from a boat on Lake Francis or First Connecticut Lake near where the river enters the lake.

Spring Fishing in the Connecticut Lakes NH

Catch landlocked salmon and trout in the Upper Connecticut River or hire a guide to help!

The sound of Peepers and Loons create a lullaby nightly in May and June. Moose return to the roadside in Moose Alley as the winter’s snows recede and disappear. Visit the Connecticut Lakes Region April through June and you’ll find anglers, wildlife lovers and photographers enjoying the Region before the numerous summer visitors arrive.

Spring Fishing

Fishing begins shortly after ice out. Bait fish and smelt spawn in the spring and land locked salmon feed on smelt and bait fish. To fish the spring run of salmon, try fishing the inlets of both First Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis. Several trout ponds fish well in the spring. Moose Pond and Middle Pond are good choices after the ice leaves. Pond fishing in New Hampshire opens the fourth Saturday in April. Flies to try in the spring include the Gray Ghost, Hornberg and smelt patterns. There are numerous fly shops in the Connecticut Lakes Region which offer advice and tips for fishing in the spring.


In spring, the Great North Woods shifts from a snowmobile destination to an ATV destination. In the Connecticut Lakes Region, you can ride on miles of maintained ATV trails. Here you’ll find ATV friendly businesses on the trail such as restaurants, lodging and service stations. Local clubs put on events throughout the season celebrating riding the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Part of the Ride the Wild ATV trail system, a 1000 mile system, you can ride all day. Then, enjoy one of the area’s pubs.


Spring Fun

  • Moose Watching
  • Spring Salmon Fishing
  • Antiquing
  • Paddling
  • Hiking the Cohos Trail
  • Night Sounds of Peepers and Loons
  • ATV-ing

Spring Tips

Bring clothes for cool days and warm days. New England spring days can vary from 45 degrees to 70 degrees!

Woods roads generally open the Wednesday before Memorial Day Weekend

Loons return to the Connecticut Lakes at ice out. Some years they arrive early and can be seen swimming around the ice edge. In early spring, the often have their winter plumage of gray.

Moose babies are born in June. Watch for babies along the road side in late June or early July.

ATV trails generally open by Memorial Day Weekend.

The Connecticut Lakes Region is part of the ‘Ride the Wilds’ trails system.