Fall in NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region

Brilliant Autumn Colors in September

Fall comes early to the Connecticut Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Located above the 45th Parallel, autumn colors peak from September 20 thruSailboat Foliage Fall Autumn October 5th. The mountainsides are a mix of Maples, Poplars and Birch which show colors of orange, red and yellows. Mixed in with the colorful deciduous trees are rugged evergreens such as balsam fir and spruce, adding contract and beauty to the autumn show. Leave begin to drop in early October and by mid month, most all leaves are down. But Mother Nature is not through. In late October, the Tamaracks turn golden and color the hillsides once more before winter’s winter blankets the landscape.

Viewing the spectacular fall colors is easy. Just draw back the curtains of your cozy cabin or take a drive down US Rte 3 all the way to the US / Canadian border. Or get out into nature. Take the well traveled woods road, Magalloway Road, to the Magalloway Mountain trail head. Hike the 45 minute trail to the summit of Mount Magalloway and climb the fire tower to view the fall colors and take in the scenic beauty of the Connecticut Lakes Region.

Wildlife viewing in the Connecticut Lakes Region in the fall can be worth the drive alone. Antlers of Moose and Deer are at their peak size as they prepare to mate. Brook Trout also put on a color show. In preparation for spawning, their bellies turn a deep red. Catch brookies in our local streams or hire a guide to help.

Fall fishing for trout and salmon is highly regarded as the best time of the year to fish. The cool days of autumn combined with the spawn of brook trout, brown trout and land locked salmon provide excellent angling opportunities.

Take a spin on an ATV, trails are open until September 30th.


Fall Hiking in NH Connecticut Lakes Region

Hike to Cohos Trail in the Connecticut Lakes Region

Located nearly two hours north of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Connecticut Lakes Region enjoys peak fall foliage nearly two weeks ahead of the White Mountain communities of North Conway, Lincoln and Jackson, NH. Just a short drive from Quebec, Canada, Pittsburg and the Connecticut Lakes Region offers quality lodging, great dining options and fun.

Fall Fun

  • Moose Watching
  • Fall Fishing
  • Antiquing
  • Paddling
  • Hiking the Cohos Trail
  • Scenic Fall Drives
  • Small Game Hunting

Fall Tips

Bring clothes for cool days and warm days. New England fall days can vary from 45 degrees to 70 degrees!

Have your camera ready. Moose mating season occurs in the fall. Fall is a great time to see bull moose with full antlers.

Choose flies or lures with red coloring for fishing in the fall.

Magalloway Mountain fire tower is an excellent place to snap pictures of the early autumn foliage.

Diamond Ridge offers views of both First Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis.

Follow GP Boulvard to the top of Prospect Mountain to take in dramatic views of First Connecticut Lake and the distance, Lake Francis.