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Photos of NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region

NH's Connecticut Lakes Region

  • Photo by Ray Lacasse

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  • Good Morning!

  • A lazy stroll on a summer's day - the moose way! #PittsburgNH #MooseAlley #moose #NewHampshire #nh Thanks for sharing Wes Lavin!

  • Just 31 one days until the Ride the Wilds - 1,000 miles of interconnected ATV trails in Coos County NH ATV trails open!

  • The Lancaster Fair is this coming weekend, will you be there? These pretty ponies will be...

  • Hope your Friday is just 'ducky'! - Coon Brook Bog, Pittsburg NH

  • Is always a great time to take a Walk in the Woods!

  • Soon....... Another great photo from Wes Lavin

  • 5 AM Crossing..... -thanks Wes Lavin! #PittsburgNH #FirstConnecticutLake #NH #GreatNorthWoods #vacation

  • Lake Francis - another beautiful image by Wes Lavin!

  • Have you seen our photo of the week? This Sharp-shinned Hawk came to hunt at the feeders at Robert Reed's Stewartstown home. Beautiful!

  • Moose in the Mist - Wes Lavin #PittsburgNH #FirstConnecticutLake #NH #GreatNorthWoods #vacation #MooseAlley

  • Moose in the Morning Mist, another photo shared with us by Wes Lavin

  • Here is this week's Photo of the Week! It comes from Ginny O'Reilly. Great shot!

  • Here's our photo of the week winner!

  • Lazy on a summer afternoon.... Daisies at Second Connecticut Lake. Thank you Wes Lavin! #pittsburgnh #SecondLake #nh

  • Moose Alley Posies, thanks Wes Lavin! #PittsburgNH #FirstConnecticutLake #NH #GreatNorthWoods #vacation #MooseAlley

  • You talking to me? Thanks again Wes! #PittsburgNH #FirstConnecticutLake #NH #GreatNorthWoods #vacation #MooseAlley

  • Great pix!

  • Summer at Second Connecticut Lake by Wes Lavin #PittsburgNH #FirstConnecticutLake #NH #GreatNorthWoods #vacation #MooseAlley

  • With so many beautiful deer in Moose Alley, is it time for a name change for this stretch to include the graceful whitetail?? Thanks for the beautiful pix Wes!

  • Another Back Lake sunset!!! From North Country Lodge!!! Pittsburg Old Home Day isAug. 20th. Perfect time to visit and see all the Pittsburg area has to offer!!!

  • Father's Day lupines in the Connecticut Lakes Region

  • Third Connecticut Lake, serene and beautiful. Thanks Wes Lavin!

  • Ride on, my friends!

  • Moose Alley on a random August day, welcome to the North Country!

  • Beautiful!

  • Great!

  • It's beginning to be that time of year! Thanks Wes Lavin for this great shot!

  • Winter fun in NH's Connecticut Lakes Region!

  • Good Morning from Moose Alley! -Thnx Wes!

  • Ice fishing on Lake Francis, way to go Michelle!

  • Great snow from a Pittsburg fan!

  • Hello Melvin!

  • Fall Fishing on East Inlet in #PittsburgNH Antoher great #WesLavin photo!

  • Pittsburg beautiful creatures!!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Dummer Nh. Pontook Dam, Foliage at it's best!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Moose Pond, Oct. 23, 2016! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Indian Stream!!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Connecticut River between 2nd Lake and 3rd Lake, October 2016. Another great #WesLavin photo!

  • Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Androscoggin Foliage!!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Deer Mountain Campground!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Pontook Dam, Oct. 5th, What beauty!!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Beautiful! Another great Wes Lavin shot! <3

  • Moose pond!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Foliage along the Androscoggin!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Pittsburg Moose, Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Northwoods fun, who's in?!? Great photo, thanks Wes!

  • Pittsburg in the winter!!! 12-11-16, Pittsburg's beautiful creatures!!!! Photo by Ray Lacasse

  • Winter Sunset - Colebrook, NH Thanks Wes Lavin!

  • On a day like today, it's hard to imagine spring is just around the corner - but it is! - Wes Lavin photo 🙂

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