Terrill Pond

Terrill Pond is an impoundment of the west branch of Indian Stream.

Fishing is good at the tip of New Hampshire! Terrill Pond is an impoundment of the west branch of Indian Stream. This beautiful Terrill-Pondmountain pond is home to brook trout, beavers, and the passing moose. Terrill is fly fishing only and can be reached by cars with good ground clearances or the casual SUV. We offer row boat rentals on Terrill Pond.

Fishing Season

4th Saturday in April to October 15th
Brook Trout – Fly Fishing Only; 5 fish or 5 lbs whichever is reached first

Directions from Pittsburg

Take US Route 3 to Indian Stream Road.  Take a right just after the Indian Stream Eatery onto Indian Stream Road.
Or, turn onto Back Lake Road to Moose Pond Road (dirt) to the end. This puts you at the 5 mile marker on Indian Stream Road. Take a right. Indian Steam Rd follows the meandering Indian Stream which is lovely and fish-able. Take a left a mile or so after Depot Camp (near the 11 Mile marker) The gate is open and you’ll go over the stream. Follow this for nearly a mile then take a left into the woods. This is a well worn path. After 100 yards where you’ll come out into a clearing and see the pond. A lovely spot for a picnic, fishing trip, or just enjoying nature’s beauty!

Flies to Use:

CDC Caddis, Griffith’s Gnat, Harris Special, Bead-head Pheasant Tail, Black Ghost Marabou

Depth Map of Terrill Pond

Topo Map