Moose Pond

Fly fishing only and only 10 acres in size, Moose Pond is one of the best places in the Connecticut Lakes Region to fish when the pond fishing season opens.Moose Pond in Pittsburg NH is a fly fishing only trout pond Spring fed, this pond is home to brook trout, moose (as the name implies) and numerous bait fish.

This pond fishes well from the opening of the season to early July. Then it fishes well from the time the weather cools in September to the season’s end, October 15. In the spring, the pond is one of the first ‘hot spots’ to fish.

The pond is fed by springs. Find the springs bubbling up and you will find the trout on the warmer days. The best way to fish the pond is by kick boat, float tubes, canoe, kayak or small boat.

Fishing Season

Fishing Season: 4th Saturday in April to October 15th
Brook Trout – 5 fish or 5 lbs whichever is reached first

Directions to Moose Pond

Directions from Pittsburg NH. From US Route 3 take Back Lake Road, a left-hand turn. Follow Back Lake Rd for approximately 4 miles to Moose Pond. Take a left onto Moose Pond Rd.  Moose Pond will be 2 miles down on the right-hand side. There is a turnout and an unimproved small boat launch.

Flies To Try

Griffith’s Gnat
Wooly Buggers
Marabou Black Ghost
Soft Hackles

Depth Chart and Map

Moose Pond Depth Chart Pittsburg NH

Google Earth

Map of Moose Pond in Pittsburg NH, Satellite Image