Coon Brook Bog

Pittsburg, NH

Coon Brook Bog is a six-acre brook trout pond. Fly fishing only, this special spot is teeming with wildlife. Moose, deer, bear, geese, woodcock, ruffed grouse, red winged blackbirds and more, enjoy this remote location. Woodcock spend the summer on the shore of the pond.

Fishing on Coon Brook Bog is good for brook trout in this spring-fed pond. Expect 6-12 inch brook trout along with the occasional larger brookie. The mud/peat bottom of the pond makes wading difficult. The pond is best fished by canoe, john boat, kick boat or kayak. Area lodges rent boats on the pond. Check at Lopstick or Tall Timber.

Part of the Connecticut Lakes Region, Coon Brook flows east out of the pond and into First Connecticut Lake across from Green’s Point.

Coon Brook Bog - NH Trout Pond in Pittsburg

Fishing Season:

Season opens the 4th Saturday in April and runs to October 15th
Brook Trout – 5 fish or 5 lbs whichever is reached first. Fly Fishing Only

Directions from Pittsburg:

Take US Route 3 north approximately 11 miles to Coon Brook Bog Road, a left off Rte 3. Go about two miles and take the second left-hand turn. This will lead you to the small dam on Coon Brook Bog. The gravel road is gated just past this turn.

Flies to Use:

CDC Caddis
Griffith’s Gnat
Wooly Buggers
Bead-head Pheasant Tail
Blue Winged Olive

Depth Chart and Map

Coon Brook Bog Depth Chart, Pittsburg NH

Google Earth View

Coon Brook Bog, Pittsburg NH Satellite Image