Boundary Pond

A special spot and worth the trip

Located at the very tip of New Hampshire, and just a stone’s throw from the US / Canadian border lies Boundary Pond. Brook trout swim the dark depth of this Boundary Pond, Pittsburg NH a fly fishing only trout pondhigher elevation mountain pond. Access to Boundary Pond is via the East Inlet logging road to nearly the end, then a left up a long hill. Park at the boulders and take the quarter mile footpath down to the pond. Boundary Pond is worth the trip for the sheer beauty and the fishing isn’t too bad either. A float tube, canoe, or kayak is recommended. The path in is all downhill but coming out it is all up hill. Keep your water craft light. An 18-acre pond.

Tall Timber Lodge and Lopstick Lodge rent boats on the pond.

Fishing Season

Fishing Season: 4th Saturday in April to October 15th
Brook Trout -Fly Fishing Only; 5 fish or 5 lbs whichever is reached first.

Directions from Pittsburg, NH; Take US Route 3 north to East Inlet Rd, a right hand turn off Rte 3. Just after the bridge, and at the T in the road, bear right. Follow this good gravel road about 10 miles; maybe more. You will drive over a place where the road has washed out revealing the ledge below. As you drive over this, there is a small beaver pond immediately on your left. Take the next left, another good gravel road, and you will go uphill nearly a mile. Park at the top and take the path behind the boulders.

Flies to Try

Griffith’s Gnat
CDC Caddis
Soft Hackles
Wooly Buggers
Pheasant Tail Nymphs

Depth Chart

Boundary Pond Map and Depth Chart, Pittsburg NH

Google Earth

Boundary Pond Satellite Map, Pittsburg NH