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Make NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region website become the go-to website for fun and adventures from Colebrook to Pittsburg! Contribute your stories,contribute to Connecticut Lakes Region your favorite meal at a local restaurant or a photos of wildlife. Regular contributors can have their own blog column and author page. Post videos of fun, Connecticut Lakes Region activities. Film creators are welcome to contribute and have their own page to highlight their works. Photographers can showcase their images. Links to a professional’s website are always given.

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We are always looking for Hidden Gems in the Great North Woods. Do you know of any? Submit them here! A hidden gem should be combined with a tip. Best hidden gems are ones which have multiple things to do – a main attraction with fun side notes. For instance, a hidden gem might be to climb Table Rock in Dixville Notch on a full moon. Then maybe it would be topped off with a specialty cocktail at a local pub after the moonlight hike. Sounds fun, right? Or how about a Gift Shop tour in Colebrook after getting a caffeine fix at the Moose Muck Coffee House. GPS coordinate are always helpful and interesting but not necessary. Photos would be the bomb! And video? Now we’re talking!!

Make it a school project to teach tourism and wayfinding. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is we will recognize contributors and link to their website. Call us today to collaborate on NH’s Connecticut Lakes Region.

What is the Connecticut Lakes Region?Contribute info, text video to the Connecticut Lakes Region

The Connecticut Lakes Region is the northern tip of New Hampshire. The headwaters of the Connecticut River, the Region encompasses the small towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Clarksville, and Colebrook, New Hampshire. This vacation destination is an easy drive from major New England cities such as Boston, MA, Portland, ME and Manchester, NH. The Region features pristine mountain lakes and rivers. Sparsely inhabited, the Region boasts more moose than people. Vacationers have come to the area for hundreds of years. Primarily a fishing and hunting destination at the turn of the century, the area has expanded its offerings. Snowmobiling, ATV-ing, paddling and hiking are area draws. The Region has a rural, northern New England feel. Residents and vacationers to the area are deeply devoted to the experience. Come visit today and see why!

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