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Hidden Gems

We are always looking for Hidden Gems in the Great North Woods. Do you know of any? Submit them here! A hidden gem should be combined with a tip. Best hidden gems are ones which have multiple things to do – a main attraction with fun side notes. For instance, a hidden gem might be to climb Mount Magalloway to catch the sunrise. Afterward it could be topped off with a specialty coffee at a local breakfast spot. Sounds fun, right? Or how about a Antique Shop tour, then a dish of poutine at the Spa followed by a walk in the Washburn Family Forest. GPS coordinate are always helpful and interesting but not necessary. Photos would be the bomb! And video? Now we’re talking!!

Make it a community project to teach tourism and wayfinding. We will work with municipalities to showcase their recreational opportunities. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is we will recognize contributors and link to their website. Are you a travel writer? Share your story about the Connecticut Lakes Region with us or participate as a guest blogger. Gain a larger audience and benefit from our website viewers who want to know more about the Connecticut Lakes Region.

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