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Characterized by pristine beauty; acres of undeveloped woods, lakes, rivers, and streams, this remote region is a place apart, a place where man has made little imprint on the land, but where people and nature peacefully coexist. This is one of the last true great wilderness areas, where the industry is tied to the land, from logging to farming, and where recreation from fishing to hunting, snowmobiling and boating are part of daily life. There is a genuineness here, the kind of friendliness you only find in small towns where owner-run businesses are the norm, and you're more likely to meet a local than a visitor on the trail, the water or in town. Sportsmen have come here for generations. The fishing is legendary; U.S. Presidents have cast for salmon and brook trout in these waters, while others have traveled country roads and deep woods to hunt or just watch the wildlife. Snowmobilers come from all over the country and neighboring Canada to explore the most comprehensive, superbly maintained and signed snowmobiling system in the Northeast.

If you're a true lover of the outdoors and want to experience New Hampshire at its natural best, this vacation head for the Great North Woods.

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